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Samples from various weddings in Key West, The Florida Keys, and beyond by Key West based Wedding Photographer Mary Veal. To view an entire wedding please contact Mary by hitting the "Contact" tab and she will be happy to give you the passwords to a few galleries. If you aren't ready to take that step yet, go to the "Featured" gallery and you'll find a few of her most recent weddings in depth there.
Award winning wedding imageAward Winning Wedding ImageryGay Marriage Award Winning Wedding ImageryAnna and Quin's Wedding-632Jessica and Drews Wedding-201Tony and Gavin's Wedding-262Tony and Gavin's Wedding-426Mary Veal Photography-219Tony and Gavin's Wedding-166Tony and Gavin's Wedding-583Mary Veal Photography-218Anna and Quin's Wedding-625Meghan and Michael's Wedding-8Meghan and Michael's Wedding-153Mary Veal Photography-157Mary Veal Photography-113Mary Veal Photography-103Mary Veal Photography-233Mary Veal Photography-39Mary Veal Photography-5