Key West Wedding Photographer I Mary Veal Photography: Blog en-us (C) Key West Wedding Photographer I Mary Veal Photography (Key West Wedding Photographer I Mary Veal Photography) Thu, 01 Feb 2018 00:07:00 GMT Thu, 01 Feb 2018 00:07:00 GMT Key West Wedding Photographer I Mary Veal Photography: Blog 90 120 You voted ~ We WON!!! ~ The Best Florida Keys Wedding Photographer for 2018! 2018 is starting out with a bang and we couldn't be more thrilled about it! We have been voted The Best Photographer in The Florida Keys by past clients and The Florida Keys Weddings Magazine's readers. What an INCREDIBLE honor!!!! Thank you soooooo much to all of my past clients who have trusted me to capture the love you share and are surrounded by on your wedding days!!!  


Best of the Florida Keys Wedding Pros Award 2018Best of The Keys Wedding Pros Award 2018Awarded the "Best of The Keys Wedding Pros for 2018 by The Florida Keys Weddings Magazine. Past clients voted for Mary Veal to be The Best Wedding Photographer in The Florida Keys.


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What sets YOUR Wedding Photographer apart from the rest? Bridal Portrait in Florida KeysBridal Portrait in IslamoradaGorgeous bride wearing couture gown on a private beach in Islamorada, The Florida Keys, for her bridal portraits

As a couple about to embark on the lifelong partnership that is a good marriage, you are probably overwhelmed with all of your choices when it comes to your wedding, including who you want to capture it.  Most likely, this is also the first time you've considered hiring a professional photographer and are at a loss as how to choose the best one for you.  Follow these 3 steps to to make your choice as stress free as can be :

First, you want to look at portfolios and reviews of photographers who specialize in weddings and narrow your choices down to 5 of those photographers whose work you can picture yourself in. Does the work speak to you emotionally?  Great! You're onto a nice start!

Second, contact each photographer on your short list. Does that sound daunting? Don't worry, most of us are friendly people who genuinely want to help.  When reaching out, whether electronically or by phone, there is some information we need from you to be able to give you an approximate quote.  Please include;

the date you plan to be married, the location or locations, approximate guest count expected, size of your bridal party and a little about what you envision your day to be like as well as how you want to display and preserve your memories.  It helps to know your budget for your photography as well so we can tailor a quote for you.  

3rd, Once you've received the information you have requested, your short list will get even shorter, either because of budget or availability usually.  You'll want to actually speak to the remaining photographers you've narrowed down and get a feel for their personality. This is extremely important because you will be spending one of the most important, highly emotional days of your life with this person, you should be comfortable and feel relaxed around them.  You are entrusting the way the world will remember your wedding to this person.    


Mary Veal Photography-117Mary Veal Photography-117


It has been said that potential clients like to try to get to know their photographer as much as possible and having a small "About Me" section doesn't come close to telling the whole story. Being a person with high standards and lofty goals, I’ve chosen a difficult but rewarding field that will also serve as my legacy, Destination Wedding Photography. While these traits don't make things easy for me, they are great news for my clients and their Wedding Photography. 

Why? Because “calling it in” is never an option for me. I realize that although my next wedding, for me, may be the third one in so many days, for my clients, it is THE ONLY ONE they have anticipated and will experience as their own.  I take that responsibility very seriously, doing everything in my power to make their day as perfect as possible. It has never mattered what they paid me, from the days I was starting off and shot my first wedding for the fun of it unttil now and going forward, I will always treat my client's wedding day with the care and respect I would want for my one and only day.  I give my absolute all to each and every one of my clients. Every. Single. Time. I’ve worked when I was physically hurt and medically shouldn’t have, torn calf mucsle, grieving a loved one lost the previous day, starving during a 12 hour day with no bathroom break, working outside in 100 degree heat with no water and many other circumstances, all the while remaining 100% present in the day, with a smile on my face and nobody the wiser. I understand the gravity of what I do and put myself aside so I can get it right for those who’ve trusted me with the memories of their big day. It is a commitment that I embrace when I accept a commission to photograph a couple’s wedding day and one I hope always translates with love through the final images my clients receive.      

 Recently these attributes have gained me some notoriety in my chosen field that has left me humbled and thrilled beyond belief.

Key West Bridal PortraitsHappy Bride On Her Wedding DayBridal portraits are one of my favorite times of the wedding day. 5 minutes with just me and my bride alone and we can create come magical portraits!

 I have been accepted into THE most prestigious and exclusive Wedding Photographic Society on the planet, the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, known to the pros as ISPWP! 

What does it mean to be accepted and how does this benefit you as a bride and groom looking to hire their Wedding Photographer? I believe an excerpt from the ISPWP website sums it up perfectly:

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers is an organization of the best wedding photographers in the world. It was created by professional photographers to raise the standards of the wedding photography profession.                                                                                    We are a resource for wedding clients who know they want to hire the best and the brightest for their wedding. We provide assurance and peace of mind that they are hiring the most respected, most ethical, most professional and most talented wedding photographers in the industry.                        It’s no secret there are many online directories of wedding photographers. Some of them have hundreds, even thousands of photographers. That SOUNDS great because there are so many to choose from! But most of these directories have little or no criteria for membership, they are simply link farms that oftentimes include photographers with zero experience and unknown backgrounds who have simply paid the applicable fee. The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is a rarity among wedding photography organizations. Photographers cannot simply buy an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it. Our requirements are experience, talent, and professionalism. To be accepted, a photographer must have shot at least 50 weddings, submit their portfolio for review, agree to operate under the ISPWP Code of Conduct, and have an ISPWP Sponsor or four references. And THEN they have to be voted in by current members.                                                                                               In short, when you hire an ISPWP Photographer, you are hiring a talented veteran with a track record, recognized by their peers to be at the top of their field, and a passion for creating heirloom images of your wedding.”

So exclusive is it that I’m one of only 9, yes, NINE in the entire state of Florida listed! Now I don’t know exactly how many professional Photographers there are in the entire state of Florida but I do know there are 72 listed on my tiny 2x4 mile island so I’m assuming there are A LOT!

Anna and Quin's Key West WeddingWedding Ring SetWedding ring set inside a rose out of the Bride's bouquet set atop her wedding gown.



 Holy WOW……… me!  I’m on cloud nine!  (Pun intended)

What an honor be listed among such extraordinary talent!!!

If you’re looking for inspiration and information, whether you are a bride planning your wedding or photographer looking to advance your skill level, you’ll find lots of useful articles and gorgeous, award-winning photographs on their website here:  

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How to get more WEDDING! Welcome!  I'm always trying to figure out ways to help my clients, often straying from the conventional, so I can't tell you how excited I am to offer you a brand new (totally free) service, that can maximize your wedding budget! 

It's a wedding registry which allows you to register for gifts relating to your wedding, particularly, your Wedding Photography!

Yay, right?

Wedding Ring at Casa Marina ReceptionGorgeous diamond wedding ring set shot at the Casa Marina during the couple's reception. Macro jewelry shots, in addition to artistic couples portraits, are a couple of my favorite portions to photograph on a wedding day!


The idea is simple:


1) You may have needed to forgo some things you really wanted for your wedding day because they didn't fit into your budget, like an additional session or a smaller album than you REALLY wanted; and

2) You may also already own many of the things you might ordinarily register for at a traditional store; e.g., wine glasses, kitchenware and the like.


What if you could register for an even more amazing wedding photography package?  Would it help you achieve the wedding of your dreams? Now you can!


Simply use the link below to view a sample.  I've used my husband and I as the bride and groom in this sample but each registry is customized just for you.  ;)

There you can register for various things you may really want for your wedding and then share the link with your family and friends. There are also social media sharing tools and even a preset email that may help you to tell your friends and family what this is all about so you don't have to waste time figuring out how to present it to them. Also, whether you choose to register for anything specific or not, when you send your guests that link, they'll be able to purchase gifts for you. If they purchase anything you don't want, you have the ability to apply it towards a product or service that you DO want.   It is super easy and I'm finding many of my clients are utilizing the registry to maximize their wedding! 


Go ahead and check out the sample registry now and don't be shy about asking me to set one up for you!  

Trash The Dress photography in the Florida KeysThis couple eloped to the Florida Keys and exchanged vows at Sombrero Beach in Marathon Florida. After we were finished with their intimate ceremony that included only the couples parents and child as well as their personal pastor and his wife, we got these lovebirds to roll around in the sand in their wedding attire. A good thing to keep in mind about Trash The Dress sessions is that you don't have to all out trash your dress or get in the water for that matter. It can also mean that you aren't too concerned with getting it dirty and want some artistic portraits in different outdoor locations. These are always a memorable experience and I highly recommending them as an add on to your photography package.


Whether you are planning your wedding in The Florida Keys, Key West or somewhere completely across the globe, I can help you preserve the memories of your special day with high quality, timeless imagery while supplying you with a stress free, white glove experience.  Reach out to me and see for yourself!  I'm easily reachable at: e-mail: and phone number: 305-433-1237 and happy to answer any questions you have. 


Thanks for stopping by and happy wedding planning!!!  :)


PS- Are you a wedding vendor that would like to offer this amazing service to your clients as well? You're in luck! I’m happy to help you too!  Check out this link :    and use this referral code; PED3A to receive a discount when signing up for it! You can share it too so spread the love! 

Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key

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Heather and Kay's United Methodist Church and Casa Marina Wedding Happy 2015!  If you were engaged over the holidays, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I hope you will find inspiration from the amazing couples who've commissioned me to capture their wedding day memories. All of my wonderful clients have inspired me and I plan to blog more this year so hopefully they can do the same for you.

 The first post of the year I've promised to Heather and Kay and I'm so very excited to share their gorgeous wedding with you!

Heather and Kay, traveled from the United Kingdom to have their wedding in Key West, Florida and brought their nearest and dearest from all over the world with them to witness it.  You see, Heather is originally from Texas and so her family is in the US but Kay and his family hail from Germany and our lovely couple lives in the UK along with many of their friends so their wedding at the United Methodist Church (The Old Stone Church as Key West locals know it) with their reception at The Casa Marina promised to be an event for all in attendance to remember! Thanks to  their planner, Peggy, at Destination Wedding Studio, it was! Key West Wedding PhotographerBridal portraitBride with her bouquet on the breezeway at the Casa Marina in Key West, FL. Macro ring shot using a beaded purse during the reception in the Flagler Ballroom.


Heather's mom, Gale, worked closely with me throughout the entire process since Heather was overseas and concentrating on her job and it was such a pleasure getting to know them both along the way.  You know the traditions...Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, right?   Well, you may not want to wear your great grandmother's wedding band but you could always have your mom sew it in your gown with blue thread and you'll conveniently have all 4, assuming your gown is new. ;) 



Heather is a natural beauty, with piercing sapphire eyes that the team at Beauty Boutique and the Glam Squad knew just how best to emphasize! They finished off her sophisticated look with a stylishly intricate updo that held beautifully and helped to keep her cool all night long!


Her gorgeous flowers were impressive and full of texture!  I love when brides have rememberences of loved ones who've passed  on attached to their bouquets.   Being experienced with loss myself, I feel it is such a nice gesture to include these meaningful elements that help make your wedding even more personal to you. 



Getting ready for her wedding at the Casa MarinaBridal preparations by the hair and make up team of a beautiful bride at The Casa Marina Resort in Key West, Florida by wedding photographer Mary Veal


Heather was escorted by her dad and given away by both of her lovely parents during a touching, candle lit ceremony performed by both Pastor Rueben and their close friend, Rev. Billy.   

Too many ceremony shots?  Never! Especially when you have a ceremony filled with special songs and readings from loved ones! 


Wedding Ceremony DetailsDetails of the wedding ceremony of Heather and Kay at the old stone church in Key West, the United Methodist Church.


Dramatic exits are always fun!!! Rose petals during the day are an excellent option. Just please make sure they are real flowers because our sensitive island ecology depends on it!  

Why not incorporate a unique tradition too,  like the German custom of cutting a log?

 An excerpt from Southern Bride Magazine sums the tradition up perfectly:   "An old German wedding custom, the tradition of cutting of a log represents the first obstacle that the couple must overcome in their marriage. They must work together to "overcome the obstacle" by sawing through the log. Using a large, long saw with two handles, the couple demonstrates their teamwork to friends and family, and their willingness and ability to master the difficulties that inevitably arise in a marriage. Hopefully the log will not take too long to saw through!"       

German Log Cutting TraditionBride and Groom participate in the German tradition of sawing a log together immediately following their ceremony at the United Methodist Church in Key West, captured by Key West's best wedding photographer, Mary Veal

Lucky for them and their guests (because of the brutal July heat here in The Florida Keys) it didn't take very long and they were off to their reception!

Cocktail Hour on the patio at Casa Marina Resort in Key Westwedding decor, wedding rings, candles, seating chart, open bar, grooms cake, guest book


The celebration was held at the unparalleled Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, with their cocktail hour on the patio and reception in the Flagler Ballroom which was decorated perfectly to create the sophisticated, yet relaxed atmosphere the couple envisioned.  Tall, colorful structured, yet flowing centerpieces were elegant and took center stage among the other natural elements used throughout. 

Their cakes!! LOVE them both!  How cute is this Groom's cake though??????   Kay driving the boat while Heather lays out, with the flags from both of their home countries!   Grooms cakes are a great way to infuse a little whimsy into your wedding day!


Wedding Cakes, Brides and Groom'sWedding Cakes featuring custom designs. White with fuchsia orchid and natural elements.

Their entertainment, Brian Roberts, kept the crowd moving to the music all evening!  This was a fun crowd! 

Reception dancing and anticsFirst Dance, Parent Dances, Mother and Son Dance, Father and Daughter Dance, Reception partying at the Casa Marina's Flagler Ballroom in Key West, Florida with Brian Robert's Band.


As always, the day went by in the blink of an eye and it was over all too soon but the sunset did not disappoint and we had fun with some couples portraits!


Bride and Groom portraits on their wedding daySunset portraits of the couple on the beach at The Casa Marina. Its always my goal to get my couples some beautiful portraits at sunset since they did choose Key West to have their wedding.


Heather and Kay, it is my wish that you two enjoy and carry the bliss you've shared for the past 4 and a half years, for the remainder of your days.  Thank you two for allowing me to share in and document the special beauty that was your wedding day!!!  Congratulations!!!



Many Thanks to the amazing vendors who helped make Heather and Kay's wedding dreams come true!

Vendor Team:

Photography:  Mary Veal Photography

Venue: Casa Marina, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Church: Key West United Methodist Church

Officiants: Pastor Ruben and Rev. Billy

Event Planner: Destination Wedding Studio

Hair and Make Up: Beauty Boutique and The Glam Squad

Band: Brian Roberts Music

Flowers: Mama Flowers

Cake: Amazing Cakes and Creations

Rehearsal Dinner: The Roof Top Café

Transportation: Old Town Trolley

Linens: BBJ Linens

Chairs: Prestige Party Rentals


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Genevieve + Rob's Wedding at The Hemingway House Hello again and Happy Summer to you! So far this year has been a tremendous one and I have so very much to be thankful for and lots of gorgeous weddings to share with you! Lets get started shall we?  


At first contact, I felt like I had known Genevieve for years and knew immediately I needed to work with her! Not only does she have a beautiful, unique name that is also shared with my grandmother but she is a fellow creative with high style. After listening to her tell me her vision for her wedding and the special DIY touches, I was almost beside myself with glee that she had chosen ME to translate it for her visually. I am one lucky girl to have some of THE BEST clients and these two are permanently among them! 

Genevieve and Rob's wedding was incredibly beautiful in many ways! Unique, and styled to perfection, including lots of hand made touches that are unique to them but are sure to inspire other brides as well. 

They were married this April at The Hemingway House and with just one look, you can tell these two are absolutely perfect for each other!



Genevieve and Rob's Hemingway House wedding photo album

Genevieve got ready at The Merlin House which is a lovely property surrounded by lush greenery.  Her grandmother made her gorgeous lace wedding gown and her aunt made her head piece and bouquet too! Check out the bows on their shoes...adorable, right?! 


Brides maids getting ready at The Merlin House in Key West.Bride with her mom before the wedding ceremony at the Hemingway House in Key West, Florida.

Rob got ready at The Lighthouse court right across the street from the Hemingway House. Did I mention that Genevieve's aunt also made Rob's boutonniere too?  

They elected to do a first look and liked the idea of seeing eachother for the first time in their wedding attire at Fort Zachary Taylor.  First looks are always fun but they do present a logistics challenge so having a good wedding planner on your vendor team, like Kate Bentley who was theirs, is essential in ensuring it all runs smoothly.  

First look before the weddingThe first time the bride and groom see eachother on their wedding day was seamlessly coordinated to happen at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West, Florida.

Who knows, you may even have a few extra minutes to take some photos around town or stop in a local bar, like The Green Parrot, for a quick drink and pic! 

The Banyan trees in Key West are pretty amazing too! They can be used for some fun bridal party pictures and even moody couples portraits. In this case, we had fun with it all!   


Have you ever been to the Hemingway House?  It is such a beautiful property and so full of history you can't absorb it all on only one visit. With the help of their Wedding Planner, Genevieve and Rob's ceremony was timed perfectly to in order to exploit the beautiful light pattern streaming through the dense canopy of trees. Their ceremony arbor was decorated with hand made paper chain using printed off book pages.  Very creative!  Their touching ceremony was witnessed by many of their nearest and dearest, some traveling from  across the country to witness the marriage of these sweet individuals. 

Wedding Ceremony at Hemingway HouseDappled light prevails in the ceremony area of the gardens at the Hemingway House which makes for some spectacular wedding photography!


Some of my favorite images come from the 15 minute period I get to spend with my clients alone for their couples portraits. They're relaxed, the pressure is over, and they radiate love! How much more perfect can conditions get? Okay, throw in a few cute kitties and you get the proverbial cherry on top! 


Lots of books, candlesticks, and candles covered in book pages, hearts made with "book shreds" and cute cats all came together to create the perfect ambiance. 

Sushi bar for cocktail hour? OH YES!!!  Catered Affairs = Awesomeness!   Romantic first dance? You betchya!  (Anyone else been watching Fargo? I find myself repeating many sayings from it)

As if there isn't enough inspiration to plan your own literary themed wedding already, how about adding a vintage typewriter as your guest book?  Don't forget to add lighting if you are planning an outdoor reception too! It will add more than you think to the look of your  soiree. 

This is such a great idea! Genevieve and Rob had a "Decorate Your Cupcake" theme dessert table! Start by choosing the flavor of your cupcake and then add on as much or as little in any combination you want...brilliant!  Oh, the fun that was had with this! 

Dessert Table for wedding at Hemingway House in Key Westkey west wedding photography by Mary Veal of a dessert table set up for a make your own cupcake table at the Hemingway House and Museum.

Congratulations Genevieve and Rob! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and a complete honor that you chose me to be the visual story teller of your wedding day!!! Thank you for putting your faith in my talent and believing in my vision when I didn't have any images from this venue to show you. (This was my first wedding here!)  I hope you love these memories of your day and will look back on them with fondness for the rest of your lives! 


PS- I've created this post in an album type format, so please, leave me a comment telling me if you prefer seeing the images this way or the way they appear in previous posts.  


Vendor Details:

Photography: Mary Veal 

Photography Assistant: Cierra Grein

Wedding Planner: Kate Bentley, Kate Bentley Events

Hair and Make Up: Southernmost Glam

Venue: Hemingway House and Museum

Officiate: Marcela Morgan

Catering: Catered Affairs

Cupcakes: Sweet Savannahas

Rental Company: Prestige Party Rentals

Florals: DIY

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Jackie + Greg Wedding at West Martello Hello again!  As you can see, since February,  I've failed miserably at keeping up with the blog again this year.

That doesn't mean I won't keep trying so go ahead and subscribe, you already know I won't fill up your inbox with too many posts! ;)

This has been my busiest year in business so far and yet I've taken on too many "private" clients that don't want me to share the images from their sessions and as such I've been "off the radar" so to speak.  Because of this, I'm now limiting the amount of commissions I will accept that demand privacy. This is another topic I need to tackle for a blog post at a later date....

For now, lets get to the long awaited sneak peak of Jackie and Greg's beautiful garden wedding. 

These two Key West locals are some of the most genuine, laid back, relaxed individuals I've met. When I moved here, almost 6 years ago,  I met Jackie and Greg through the dive shop they both worked at as Scuba Instructors. I was training for my advanced scuba diving certification with another instructor who became a close friend as well and the rest, as they say, is history.

  Yes, they've been dating a while now, and have experienced their share of challenges but that has only strengthened the bond they share and heightened the anticipation of their pending nuptials for the many, many people who are lucky to know and love them both.

So many of their friends pitched in to make their day special and I'll be sure to mention everyone at the end of this post.  

Enjoy this small sampling and be sure to check back in a couple weeks for their full gallery to be released. It is chock full of all of all of the "fun" photos I'm sure their guests will be glad I did NOT share here. 


Wedding Gown and bridal bouquetWedding gown in window with bouquet in front ..

Customized Wedding Dress HangerMrs. Miller custom wedding gown hanger ..

Wedding JewelryEarrings for the wedding day ..

Bride Getting ReadyJackie getting her make up done for her wedding day. ..

Bridal JewelryCrystal shell necklace the bride wore on her wedding day. ..

Bridal PortraitJackie in her wedding gown, on her way to the ceremony at West Martello Gardens ..

Outdoor Bridal PortraitJackie in her gown outside the LaMer and Dewey House with her reflection in the door showing both front and back of her wedding gown. . Beautiful Bride JackieBridal portrait at West Martello Tower .

Walk down the isleThe bride, Jackie, is escorted by her dad down the isle. This is about to be the first time her groom has seen her on the wedding day... ..

Groom's first sight of his brideThe groom, Greg, reacts to seeing his bride for the first time in her wedding gown as she walks down the isle. ..

Nervous beginnings at the altarnervous bride ..

After initial nervesBride and groom share a moment at the beginning of their wedding ceremony. ..

Time for Wedding VowsWedding vows exchanged at West Martello in Key West ..

Groom exchanges vows in Key WestVow exchange with adoring look from the groom to the bride. ..

Wedding Ceremony at West Martello Gardens in Key WestWedding ceremony ..

First kiss as husband and wifePronounced husband and wife in Key West. Wedding photography by key west photographer Mary Veal. ..

Food during cocktail hourSmall Chef At Large catered this beautiful spread at Jackie and Greg's wedding in the gardens at the West Martello. ..

Cupcake towerKey West Cakes made this beautiful and delicious cake atop a five story cupcake tower.

 .. Conch Tour Train Key WestGreat way to have a dramatic entrance or exit to your Key West Destination Wedding! Wedding centerpieces Key West styleThe bride and groom displayed pictures of themselves during various times in their history together on the tables along with candles and coasters. .. Flare Bartender Key WestStyled Photoshoot Coupon Key ..

Bagpipes played at wedding in Key West ..

First Dance handshakeJackie and Greg ended their first dance has husband and wife at Island Dogs in Key West by a cool hand shake. ..

Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Miller!!!


Vendors List

Photography: Mary Veal / Mary Veal Photography

Photography Assistant: Cierra Grein

Hair and Make Up: Amber Hogue and Jackie Rann

Florist: Love in Bloom

Cake: Key West Cakes

Caterer: Small Chef at Large

Ceremony Venue: West Martello Tower

Officiant: Captain Frank Wasson

Reception Venue: Island Dogs

Ceremony Music: Tony Baltimore

Reception Music: DJ Andy Lewis

Flare Bartender: Josh Golders

Bagpipe Player:  

Menswear: Timmy's Tuxedo

Bridal Gown: Mikaella

Bride's ring: Blue Sophia

Groom's ring: Jack Daniels

Transportation: Conch Train


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Zoey + Bryce Anniversary Sneak Peak Good Morning!


Well, it is now officially the last week in January and my 3rd post of the year. It is pretty exciting that I'm doing 300% better this year than last!

These sneak peaks are getting more views through the blog than through Facebook and although you aren't commenting, it does seem like there are a few people reading this now so I'll do my very best to keep It up for you!

Next month I'm even preparing a couple "inspiration" posts for future brides and  "how to" posts for photographers as well so go ahead and hit that subscribe button. ;)

It is nice to share some of the stories from my sessions and give you the opportunity to ask any questions that pop up while looking through the posts too.

Meet Zoey and Bryce, my first session of 2014!  These two were married exactly 1 year ago today! 

Zoey and Bryce Engagement Photo SessionEngagement Portrait Session in Key West, FL of Zoey and Bryce.

A fun loving, relaxed, adventurous and amazingly adorable couple!

Engagement Portraits of Zoey and BryceEngagement portraits taken at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West by Wedding Photographer Mary Veal

We met on a Wednesday afternoon right after the first of the year and had a fabulous time getting creative even with a fast moving cold front bearing down on us. We were going for sunset images but the sky was uncooperative. Instead, we got some nice even lighting from the overcast sky, a great breeze and some lovely cloud drama so it was far from a bust. 

Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key

Zoey and Bryce visited Key West as a celebration of their wedding anniversary and wanted to commemorate it with a photo session.  

Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key

We began with the Fort itself since it closes at 5pm daily and not sunset, like the rest of the park. Keep that in mind if you ever visit Fort Zachary Taylor, visit the fort first, then go to the beach.  


Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key

It is not every day that one can get the following image.   Yes, cruise ships frequent Key West in multiples, almost daily, but for everything to come together (lighting, clouds, timing) at just the right moment, its priceless. 

Engagement Photography in Key West Zoey and BryceFlorida Keys Engagement photography

After utilizing the many locations within the fort itself, we headed over to the Australian Pines. 

Engagement Portraits in the pines at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park in Key West, FloridaA romantic stroll down the path to the beach at Fort Zachary Taylor. Photo by Destination Wedding Photographer Mary Veal

The Australian Pines at the state park are a sight to behold themselves. Tall and graceful, curved from enduring the constant trade winds, they provide the gorgeous dappled light I love so much.  They aren't native plants (thus the name, eh?) and if it weren't for a group of dedicated, concerned citizens willing to fight in court for over 12 years, they wouldn't exist here today.  I for one am very glad they remain. 

Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key

The front was bearing down on us and I knew we only had time for one more "location" within the park and after consulting with my amazing couple, Zoey and Bryce decided they would prefer images in "the field" over some on the beach.  The field is located behind the Fort itself and if you aren't from here, you'll have to look kind of hard for this grass since they mow it every year for the Superboat Races in November. Just go closer to the back of the fort, by the moat, you'll find it. 

Field of DreamsA romantic stroll in the field behind the Fort at State Park Fort Zachary Taylor. Engagement photography in the Florida Keys by Mary Veal.

These two are the most elegant kissers I've encountered yet! You know how you can take dance lessons before your wedding?  I think Zoey and Bryce should give kissing lessons!  No smooshy faces here! 

Stylish Couple Kissing Key West Engagement Photography

Lots of playfulness! If you can't have fun, why do it, right? 

Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key


Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key


Sweet SentimentsUp close portrait of newly engaged couple in Key West by photographer Mary Veal

We got to watch the wall cloud roll in from here.  A memorable experience for sure!

Bad Weather Makes for great mood in portraitsCouples portraits, Engagement style in Key West.

Happy 1st Anniversary you two!!! I hope the love you share will bring a lifetime of happiness!!!

Love will see you through the bad weather30 knot winds didn't deter us from great Engagement Photographs of Zoey and Bryce



Photography by: Mary Veal / Mary Veal Photography

Hair and Make Up by: Calm Waters Spa at Hawks Cay Resort


]]> (Key West Wedding Photographer I Mary Veal Photography) Anniversary Anniversary Portraits Beach Wedding Photography Destination Wedding Photographer Destination Wedding Photography Engagement Photographer: Florida Keys Engagement Photographer Florida Keys Wedding Photographer Ft. Zachary Taylor Key West Photographer Key West Photographers Key West photographer Mon, 27 Jan 2014 14:00:00 GMT
Jackie + Greg Engagement Sneak Peak Hi again! I know, you're asking yourself, is this real? Is she actually posting twice in a month?  Well, yep! It is still January and I have 11 more months to lag behind on posting but switching sneak peaks over to the blog will definitely help me post more.

Meet Jackie and Greg! A fun loving and adventurous couple who are getting married at The Key West Botanical Gardens this coming April.  

I LOVE my clients, all of them, and it is always a complete honor to be chosen as someone's Wedding Photographer, ALWAYS.

However, it is an extra special feeling when locals, people who undoubtedly know some of the other 55 listed local photographers, choose ME  to capture the love they share. I couldn't be more excited to be tasked with visually telling the story of Jackie and Greg's wedding day and for this post, their Engagement portraits!!!

We met early on a Sunday morning this past December and had more than a few laughs.

Jackie and Greg are "Fresh Water Conchs" (pronounced "Konk") which means they've lived here for more than 7 years and are most definitely considered locals.   They love the flair of Key West and wanted to do more "tourist" type locations. BO's Fish wagon was a great starting place because Greg had a pick up like this one growing up.   Jackie and Greg's Engagement Portrait SessionJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at BO's Fish Wagon on Caroline Street in Key West.

It was early and the crowd had not descended upon Duval Street yet so we did a mini tour of Duval and Green Streets with Sloppy Joe's Bar, Captain Tony's Bar, a couple of real (and delicious) Bloody Mary's and a kiss on the corner before we were off to Fort Zachary Taylor State Park for more kisses, a little dancing and lots of romantic hand holding.  Jackie and Greg Key West Engagement SessionJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at BO's Fish Wagon on Caroline Street in Key West. Jackie and Greg's Engagement Session Around Key WestJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at BO's Fish Wagon on Caroline Street in Key West.

Greg and Jackie's Engagement Session Around Key WestJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at BO's Fish Wagon on Caroline Street in Key West. Greg and Jackie at Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key WestJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at BO's Fish Wagon on Caroline Street in Key West. Key West Engagement Photography Jackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Captain Tony's Saloon on Green Street in Key West. Jackie and Greg's Key West Engagement Portraits Jackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at the corner of Duval Street and Green Street in Key West. Jackie and GregJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Sloppy Joe's Bar on Duval Street in Key West. Jackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Sloppy Joe's Bar on Duval Street in Key West.Jackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Sloppy Joe's Bar on Duval Street in Key West. Jackie and GregJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at the Welcome Center on Green Street in Key West. Jackie and Greg KissJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West. Jackie and Greg DanceJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West. Jackie and Greg Holding handsJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West. Jackie and GregJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West. Jackie and Greg on benchJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West. Jackie and Greg on benchJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West. Jackie and Greg Holding hands in pine treesJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West. Jackie and Greg Engagement PortraitJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West. Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key Jackie and Greg Key West postcardJackie and Greg's Engagement portrait Session with Key West wedding photographer Mary Veal at Cuban Coffee Queen post card in Key West. Of course no tourist type session is complete without the quintessential Key West Post Card shot in front of The Cuban Coffee Queen!

For those of you that know Jackie and Greg, you'll appreciate the strategic placement with them beneath the scuba diver. I was undecided which orientation I liked better. Which one do you prefer?

Jackie, Greg, you both are amazing individuals and I can't thank you enough for putting your confidence in my talent. I look forward to your wedding in April with great anticipation!!!

PS- What are your favorite Key West "touristy" photo spots? Post your favorites in the comments section. :)

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Janey + Phillip's Sneak Peak Hi! I hope you are having a marvelous 2014 so far and still sticking to whatever resolution you've set for yourself.

 This year I'm going to do something different. Instead of posting sneak peaks on my Facebook page ( I'm going to post them here!

With the changes Facebook has made to their format it has made it impossible for me to tag the hard working vendors who contribute to each of the events I've had the honor of capturing and I believe it is only fair they receive credit. Plus, hopefully this will give YOU, my valued reader (yes, you're probably the only one since I've been terrible at updating this blog, lol!) an easier overall experience to enjoy my most recent weddings and portrait sessions.   I hope you enjoy this new format!  


Meet Janey and Phillip! They exude style and class in every way yet are a relaxed and fun loving couple who enjoy the Florida Keys immensely and want to share it with their family and friends for their wedding.

They will be married this April at a spectacular private estate on Cudjoe Key featuring some of the most talented vendors in town so look for their wedding on the blog sometime in June 2014.

 We met last month for a couple hours to take their Engagement Portraits and had the best time together!

I was warned when we met that neither one of them likes themselves in pictures so immediately I thought "Challenge Accepted!".  It wasn't hard though, they're both beautiful people, inside and out.  See for yourself...


Janie + Phillip Janey and Phillips Engagement Portrait Janey and Phillip had their engagement session with Key West Wedding Photographer Mary Veal at Fort Zachary State Park in December 2013.

Key West Engagement PhotographyEngagement Portraits of Janey and Phillip at Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West, Florida Engagement photos of Janey and Phillip taken at Fort Zachary Taylor State Park in Key West, FloridaKey West Engagement Photography by Mary Veal Florida Keys Engagement Photographer Mary Veal's album of Janey and PhillipJaney and Phillip's Engagement Photography session with Mary Veal Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key Janey and Phillips Key West Beach photographsFort Zachary Taylor Engagement photographs of Janey and Phillip Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key Styled Photoshoot Coupon Key Janey and Phillip's Key West Engagement photographsKey West Wedding Photographer Mary Veal had the distinct pleasure of photographing this stylish couple for their engagement portraits at Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park in Key West, Florida in December of 2013.

Congratulations Janey and Phillip! I'm very much looking forward to capturing your wedding!!!

Soooo, what do you think? Is this better than a sneak peak through Facebook or not? Please comment below.

PS- What was your New Years Resolution? (Post your comment below) Mine was to create more work/life balance and to tell the truth I've failed miserably so far but hey, the year is still young and I will keep on trying! :)

PPS- Are you interested in and Engagement Portrait Session with me? I provide a full upscale experience. For 2014 I'm including an Engagement Session in my basic package now so you will feel more at ease when your wedding day arrives. To make your experience even more pleasurable and stress free, I provide transportation during our session from your hotel, to our photo shoot locations and back to your hotel or requested drop off location in addition to including the entrance fee to Ft. Zachary Taylor State Park if you choose that as a location and ice cold spring water.   Please contact me for more information here: or 305-433-1237. 



Photography: Mary Veal Photography

Lodging: The Gardens Hotel

Hair and Make Up: Beauty Boutique & The Glam Squad ~ For Everything Beauty

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Grand Re-opening of Stay Fit in Key West Last year my husband and I moved from Sugarloaf Key to Key West. Besides the ocean view, I also had to give up my membership to the gym I had joined (and fell in love with) just a few months earlier. That left me with the tough task of finding another gym that I both felt comfortable at and was convenient to get to.  I asked around and kept hearing about Stay Fit Studio at 808 White Street in Old Town Key West.

StayFit Studio Key West

 The beautiful flower arrangement above is from Love in Bloom Florist who delivers a cleverly designed bouquet weekly that cheerfully  greets clients at the door.

Stay Fit is not your regular "gym" with rows of treadmills and stair climbers with multiple machines for working every part of the body but rather a quaint, friendly studio specializing in a diverse variety of classes and private training with optimized equipment. 

Gym in Key West Key West Stay Fit Studio Gym Key West Water Bottle Weights Florida Keys  Key West work out

I was skeptical at first, since I'm on the introverted side and generally feel excruciatingly uncomfortable and self conscious exercising in "crowds".    Well, all it took was attending one strength class with Raquel, the new owner of Stay Fit, and I knew I had found my fitness "home". Not only was the entire staff genuinely helpful, friendly and non judgemental but so were the people who worked out there.

 That was over a year ago and I still feel the same way about this wonderful place and the amazing people there so even though my specialty remains in the realm destination wedding photography, you can imagine how excited I was and jumped at the opportunity when Raquel contacted me to cover their Grand Re-Opening!!! 

Stay Fit Studio Key West

It was a fun and inspiring day!

 Raquel organized a full day of 30 minute classes, FREE!!!, to existing members and potential clients alike with an unprecidented turnout resulting in classes filled to the brim with outgoing and adventerous people from all around the lower keys. Several troopers even attended EVERY class offered and those although short, are NOT easy, breeze through without sweating, classes.

Key West gym Key West work out

 It wouldn't be a party without a DJ and  there isn't one more full of life, (or more beautiful for that matter) than celebrity DJ Shawna Lacy Wynd with Soundwave who got the crowd started early and didn't quit til it was all over.

Key West DJ Shawna with Soundwave Productions Celebrity DJ Shawna Key West

 Shawna really does bring the party and is responsible for the new black lighting added for cycling classes not just during this event but year round now. Seriously, how fun is that?!!!

Stay Fit Key West  Spinning Class Key West Stay Fit Spin Class at Stay Fit Studios in Key West

Did you know everyone looks tan under a black light? If you haven't tried it yet, get your butt down there! You'll have a blast!

 Nobody has asked me (yeah, because you know I am the authority.. haha) but I think all of the classes should use the black light!

Yoga Key West Stay Fit Key West Aerobics class

 Yoga, strength, TRX, Zumba, Stretch AND 80's Aerobics!  What do you think?

           Now, who can host an open house without food?

Great Events Catering Key West

Not Stay Fit Studio!

Catering by Great Events in Key West

Great Events Catering was on hand with healthy and delectable treats, keeping the table (and patrons) full and energized all day!

Great Events Catering in Key West

 Certainly, no event is complete without cake and Key West cakes did not disappoint with their beautiful and scrumptious creation! If you haven't tasted one of their cakes, you are truly missing out. 

Key West Cakes

Raquel rallied local businesses and after each class held a drawing for cool prizes from awesome companies like Sebago Watersports, La Petit Paris, The Bistro, The Cafe and Love In Bloom Florist. She has the pictures of the winners but out of respect and because I know I wouldn't really want a photo of me immediately after working out posted anywhere on line, so I am not going to post those pictures here.  

If you have not taken the chance to check out Stay Fit Studio, I encourage you to do so. It just might change your life.

While you are there you can pick up some really cool work out gear too. 

Thanks for reading!  If you've worked out here, please comment below on what is/was your favorite aspect of it and if you haven't, well I  would still LOVE to hear from you! :)



Vendors for this event include:

Venue/Host: Stay Fit Studio

Photography: Me :)  Mary Veal Photography 

Catering: Great Events Catering

DJ Services: Soundwave Productions ~ DJ Shawna Lacy Wynd

Cake: Key West Cakes

Flowers: Love in Bloom Florist





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7 Tips for a Picture Perfect Beach Wedding Congratulations on your decision to have a beach wedding, whether it is in the Florida Keys or another breathtakingly beautiful location!

By following these 6 tips you will ensure it will be a “Picture perfect” day:Key West Southernmost on the Beach Wedding

1.      Communicate with your photographer. Let your photographer know the style and type of shots you desire and, if possible, give them a “Shot list” of your must have shots. Also, make them aware of anything special you’ve incorporated and don’t want missed.  It is usually a good idea to meet with them before your wedding day (even if by phone or Skype) so you can establish a relationship.  Yes, a photographer is hired help but they are also the person you’ll spend the most time with on your most special of occasions so make sure you like them and your day will be even more fun. 


2.      Hire a photographer who specializes in Destination Weddings, especially tropical destinations.  These people are experienced in traveling with all of their equipment; they thrive on the new and different, can adapt quickly and are naturally resourceful.  Yes, it’s usually a little more expensive to fly one in and pay their hotel but in the long run, you’ll be glad you didn’t rely on just anyone to capture your most precious of memories. Remembering the day, its mood, details and expressions of loved ones are all done through your wedding pictures which will serve as the only lasting testament to how grand your day was. You've put so much into your wedding day, please do yourself a favor and don't "skimp" on your memories of it.Beach Wedding in Key West at Ft. Zachary Taylor


3.      Utilize professional Hair and Make Up  Artists. Plan your hair and wardrobe around the location and its seasons.  Most beaches are hot and windy so plan for your hair to be up or half up.    Today’s styles of romantic braids are ideal to keep you looking fresh all day long. Airbrush make up application can cover any skin blemishes and keep you looking flawless throughout the day as welll but you can't do it by yourself. It isn't cheap either but think about how much you have put into everything else, emotionally and monitarily. You will be doing yourself a huge favor by not having to stress about how you will look.Key West Make Up Artist


 Key West Wedding 4.      Your wedding gown should certainly express your style but keep in mind beaches are sandy and usually hot with high humidity.  Lace, Chiffon and light weight fabrics are your best choice along with shorter trains.  The lightweight fabrics will flow beautifully, thus, contributing to dramatic imagery and you’ll stay fresher for a lot longer.


5.      Plan for an additional day of photography.  A day or two after the ceremony have a photo session scheduled so you can utilize the destination’s unique scenery.  More often than not, the resulting images are the fine art photos that end up displayed as canvas groupings and large displays in your home.  Besides, it gives you a chance to wear that stunning gown again!Key West Wedding Day After Photography


6.      Consider the time of day. Usually mornings offer fewer crowds and will lend to vividly colored images.  Midday (noon) weddings inherently bring harsh lighting so plan for formals either early or later in the afternoon.   Sunset beach weddings are always romantic but offer challenges as well.  The light fades quickly and if your ceremony is scheduled for sunset there won’t be enough light for formal pictures afterwards so plan for them early.  No matter what time of day you choose, don’t forget to have someone bring some water for you.Hyatt Key West Wedding


7.     Last, but certainly not least, hire a wedding planner. This deserves an entire post in itself but the short of it is this; You have spent countless hours planning the grandest soiree you will likely ever host, why not have a professional who will advise you as well as keep your timeline and vendors on track for the day?  Without the help of a planner, your timeline and the responsibility of it will likely fall on your photographer who already has their hands full making sure they capture all of the important moments and details of the day.

Yes, I believe this topic will be my next "Advice" post.... Why do I need a wedding planner? Stay tuned for the complete run down!


I hope this helps you plan your dream beach wedding!  Have any advice to add or questions?  Please comment below. I would love to hear it!

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Jenna + Scott's Palm Island Wedding Well hello there! I appologize for not blogging sooner. This has been a busy year so far and I have only now just begun to figure out how and when I need to post. Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting some of my most favorite sessions from this year so keep your eyes peeled!  I am wiping off the dust, doing some fine tuning and will have it full of interesting, helpful articles in addition to showcasing my amazing clients very very soon.  In fact, I'm starting now!


 I have been sharing several sneak peaks this year directly on Facebook but it has come to my attention that many visitors to this site don't get the chance to see that page so a good deal of my newest work goes unseen. Soooo, from now on I will be sharing the sneak peaks here and linking to Facebook so everyone gets some eye candy.   Want to see some of the ones just mentioned? Go here:   and be sure to "like" it too!  


Without further ado this is Jenna and Scott's sneak peak!    This lovely couple planned their wedding on the gorgeous private island Palm Island in Marathon, FL.  They woke to beautiful blue skies and balmy breezes. Earlier in the week we were worried the hurricane would be a direct hit and pummel us with rain and high winds but all of us here in The Florida Keys got lucky when it fizzled out over Cuba on Tuesday afternoon. Palm Island Florida Keys Photographer

When Scott first contacted me, this is what he said:  "We plan to get married on the beach of our friends private island with our immediate family and small circle of friends who can afford to make it down from the northeast. We envision simple elegance and plan to make shoes optional! We are looking for a photographer who can find the spirit of the day, capture the elegance of the moment, and have some fun with us! Especially getting the children involved."   Well, Scott, I hope these images do just be the judge. :) 

Marathon Wedding Photographer

When I arrived all of the girls were in the small cottage getting ready. Chris and Frank from Medusa's Mane had already arrived and begun working on the girls hair. Excitement was in the air but with this great group there was no tension to be found. Marathon Wedding photography
Key West Wedding The kids are already friends and get along very well. They even planned a surprise together for Jenna and'll see toward the end of this post....  Such sweet girls (and boy, you will see him soon)! Key West Wedding Key West Wedding Key West Wedding Key West Wedding Photographer Key West Wedding Key West Wedding Key West Wedding Key West Wedding Mother and Son Key West Wedding Photography Key West Key West Key West Wedding Photographer Key West and The Florida Keys Wedding Photographer Marathon Wedding Florida Keys Key West Wedding Florida Keys Wedding I got carried away with pictures and neglected to write anything. So, as you can see, after the girls were dresses we set out to take some pictures but got caught in a rain squall that left the little ones a tad in a panic because they were worried about Jenna. How sweet are these kids?!  Jenna, however, proved to be Grace under fire. If she was anxious about the rain, nobody knew it. It didn't last long and we were able to take cover under a tiki hut on the island and remained dry. As soon as it was over we headed back to the cottage to hide Jenna since guests were beginning to arrive.  I caught up with the boys who were just kicking back enjoying quality time together and playing video games. We got a few quick shots then it was time to head over to the ceremony site. Okay, now you are caught up.... Mica Gardner provided the perfect pre-ceremony music which got the guests in celebration mode right from the start.           Key West Wedding The little girls were so nervous, they were worried they would mess up, and they wanted so badly for the day to be perfect. They did a great job!
Scott literally gasped when he saw his beautiful bride!!!
Key West Destination Wedding lll

Sand ceremonies are not just for the bride and groom. lncluding the children is the perfect way to symbolize the uniting of two families.  The children feel very special for being a part of it and I am sure it helps them grasp the significance of getting married.
Congratulations you two!!!  (Now Scott has photographic evidence he hugs big!)  
How sweet is this? They are now sisters and nobody told them they had to hold hands on the recessional, they did that on their own.
Now, it was off for some family photos! 
You can't go wrong with a private island that has a putting green! With its old growth and abundant Coconut Palm trees, Palm Island is one of the lushest, most beautiful pieces of property I have seen here in The Florida Keys and there are alot of incredibly beautiful places here. 
They are so cute together! 
After we finished family photos with the kids, rather once the kids were finished with us and tired of pictures, we set out for some dramatic landscape couples shots. These are kind of my thing, my style so to speak, if you have not noticed yet. Guess what? We got stuck in the rain again! Luckily this was a short storm like the one earlier and we were able to get some dramatic images too. Remember, rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck. They are now 2 times luckier. 
lll Reception time!!!  Jill with Mile Marker Party Rentals set the stage for an elegant evening with acute attention to detail and a bubbly personality.
Mangrove Mike's did a wonderful job with their plated dinners too. 
ll Marathon Florist added flair with sophisticated flower arrangements using flowers, shells and water.  
ll ll

Photo Bomb!   The beautiful bride and her sweet father. He came to check on her, braving the storm and it's intensity while we were waiting it out under the Tiki Hut. 
Another sweet father daughter moment.     How about this mother/son moment?  I still adore the photo (towards the beginning of this post) of Scott with his mom too. 
This is Jenna's brother and his beautiful family! Below, we see where Jenna gets her good looks from in this mother/daughter picture.   
What a fantastic group of family and friends!  They all made me feel like part of the celebration. 
ll Can you top great friends?  Only by combining a great family! 
This was our sunset.  Not much of  an idyllic one but incredibly interesting anyway.  Luckily this deluge held off until later in the evening. 
The kids put together a gymnastics routine as a wedding present for Scott and Jenna. They put in considerable time and effort choreographing moves together and had to conquer the fear of performing in front of everyone to execute it and they performed remarkably well!  
l l ll l l Sweet Savannah's created this impressive display of assorted baked delights topped with a beautiful starfish inspired cake.  
Calla Lillys submerged in water, topped with a candle and lit from the bottom? Yes, please. 
Clearly everyone had a blast dancing to Micah and Stephanie's sweet harmonies

Someone please explain this?

There you have it! This sneak peak through the blog turned out to be the most images I have ever done a sneak peak with but I wanted to illustrate the entire day. What do you think? Is it too long, or too short?


PS-  For those of you who attended their wedding and became a fan of mine on Facebook, please let me know by commenting below if I missed your picture on here and I will edit this post to include your image too.   


Vendor List:

Photographer: Mary Veal  ~

Venue: Palm Island, Marathon, Florida  (Private Island)

Hair and Make-up: Medusa's Mane  ~

Party Rentals and Event Decor: Mile Marker Party Rentals ~

Florist: Marathon Florist ~

Baker: Sweet Savannah's ~

Music: Ceremony and Reception: Micah Gardner ~

Bridal Gown Designer: David Tutera  ~

Menswear Designer: Island Importers

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2012 Year in Review Well, here it is, already the middle of December. Where has this year gone?  It seems to me to have just flown by.  2012 has been a year with many ups and downs for me personally as well as professionally.  Computer crashes, new equiptment, upgraded software that had to be learned, tackling branding identity and juggling being overworked.  I've been behind the camera so much this year, which I'm not complaining about, its where I love to be, but I believe I'm reaching a point where I will need to limit my bookings and start being more selective on the projects I tackle.  It does explain why everything else in my business has suffered.  So, my plan for next year will be to book a specific number of weddings which will allow me to keep up with everything else the business needs. For instance, anyone notice I've not blogged since Sept?   Then how do I choose who I blog about?  There are sooo many deserving couples!  I haven't updated my website with new images (besides all of your private galleries) since May and Facebook...hmmm, I'm really not very good at "tooting my own horn" so to speak.    Some self improvment to work on next year I for sure.

2012 has been a trying year for me personally as well.  I lost 2 of my 3 babies (kitties) in a single month. One, hit by a car and the other due to 2 fast growing inoperable tumors.  Lost is one way to put how I felt for a while. Sad and uninspired took over for some time as well. I'm stronger now and have rediscovered my zest for life, embracing the fleeting moments even more. 

This has also been the year I've taken control of my body. I've gained control of my eating habits, choosing fresh and clean eating over processed foods and dedicated substantial amounts of time to working out. I've found long distance bicycling as a sport as have begun learning kite boarding.  Yes, the business has suffered from a sort of neglect but for the first time in my life I feel energetic, strong, more creative than ever and in control of me.  Did I mention I've lost 65 pounds?  That helps too. :) I believe I'm fully ready to take on 2013 with renewed vigor and focus...ready and willing for everything life throws at me. 


Keep an eye out for the new brand "look" coming in next year! :) 

Thanks for following me! I'm seriously going to try to step up my social media efforts and emerge from my shell.   The above paragraphs share very personal information that I wouldn't otherwise have shared publicly last year so it is a tremendous step forward!   

How has 2012 changed you and what big plans do you have in store for 2013? 



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Christi and Jason's wedding at Key West Harbor Yacht Club 05/07/12 I love what I do. I love capturing the love shared between two people. I love meeting new people and sharing in the best day of their lives alongside of their friends and family. I love all of the details and emotions that go into a wedding. I’m a romantic at heart so I guess you could say I just love LOVE.  Every so often I get the chance to work with a couple who exhibit such a strong passion for life and each other as well as what could only be described as a shared energy, that it’s obvious to everyone around them (including them, yes) that they were destined to find each other and commit their lives to one another. This is especially true with Christi and Jason.  

Christi contacted me back in December when she first began planning her destination wedding to Key West. We e-mailed back and forth for months and quickly became friends.  Through her e-mails it was immediately obvious the “glimmer” she had when she spoke of her soon to be husband. She is just an amazing person, whom I’ve come to admire greatly. Christi is beautiful, sweet, thoughtful, generous, organized, independent, strong, AND talented to top it off.  I truly can’t say enough positive things about my new friend.  Did I mention that both Christi and Jason are former Marines too? (More awesomeness about them)   I’m always honored when a couple puts their trust and faith in me by hiring me to photograph their wedding but its an extra special feeling when a talented photographer in her own right decides she must use me for her big day. Check out her website  She’s relatively new to the field but I’m positive it won’t take long before she is busier than she ever imagined she would be.

Well, that’s enough of me gushing. Christi and Jason have graciously agreed to share their love story, so, in Christi’s words this is how they met and fell in love:

“We met... hmmm well We met in June my best friend thought we would make a cute couple.. I was purposely not looking for anything serious just a person to date maybe. I was NOT wanting a boyfriend at all. Anyway.. I told my friend Kayla this and she said well let me give Jason your number he is cool and he isn’t looking for anything too serious either just someone to hang out with. So I said sounds great! We started texting and the first night he texted me he stayed home because he had a migraine so he was talking to me a lot because he was home alone. (He always jokes about when he has a headache of how thankful he is he had a headache that night, haha) and we made plans to have dinner and realized we had a lot in common. My friend Kayla told me he wasn't very touchy feely but he must have changed a lot with me because our first kiss was smack in the middle of the dance floor at a local bar we were at. I was like you just kissed me in PUBLIC!! haha I could tell by his smile that night he was already in love with me and I was falling for him too. I used to joke with him and say, MAN I wasn’t supposed to like someone this much, I wanted to be single! Funny how love finds you when you least expect it. Weofficially became boyfriend and girlfriend (old school I know) on July 4th, so July 4th is always a good memory for us. He proposed on Christmas Eve and we were married in May. It has been a great relationship and he is an amazing guy :) I thank God that we both didn't want anything serious and found each other :) “

AND now, this is how their beautiful, beach wedding at the Key West Harbor Yacht Club was!    

I met Christi in her suite at the Key West Harbor Yacht Club early on the morning of her wedding.   She was still getting her hair and makeup done by the fabulous Marie Pierre and the feeling in the room was lighthearted.  She was relaxed and surrounded by her nearest and dearest and everyone welcomed me as if I was a treasured guest.  The warmth and sincerity exhibited by their entire group was overwhelming. Did I mention Christi is thoughtful? ;)  She surprised me with a large box filled with personalized presents!  I thought it was my birthday and had to hold back some tears.  (This box was cumbersome and had to be transported, not checked, on an airplane AND a cruise ship to get to Key West so I REALLY felt special!) She also surprised her future Mother-in-law with a custom embroidered hankerchief.

Jason was relaxing with his guys in another suite and was just as calm and lighthearted as Christi.  (I’m telling you, they really do “go” together like two puzzle pieces) 

When it was time for the ceremony, and once we made sure Jason wasn’t going to see Christi, we headed to the club house to line up for the processional.     It was now time to get these two married!!!

Christi had her beautiful bridesmaids precede her while Jason and his groomsmen waited anxiously at the altar. She was escorted by her lovely mom, Cindy. It was also Cindy’s birthday so they all had double reasons to celebrate!   

The ceremony was extremely touching.   (I can’t cry and take photos so I had to work hard at keeping it together)      

After the ceremony we got a few quick formal shots and a couple “art” type shots then headed directly into the reception.       The resturant Jacks at the Key West Harbor Yacht Club catered lunch for everyone with a full menu of choices.    Brian Roberts with Semi Tropical Music sang and played guitar both before the ceremony and during the reception.  He helped to set a fun, relaxed tone for the event and before long had the girls shakin it to some island tunes.    Christi and Jason had their first dance as husband and wife on the scenic verandah looking out at the boats in the harbor. 

































Afterwards, they cut their starfish theme cake and fed each other with playful whimsy. Before we knew it the day was done and it was past time to get everyone back to the cruise ship so we loaded up on the Old Town Trolley and headed over to Smathers Beach for a super quick 5 minute beach shoot. Smathers Beach Wedding Photography Key West Photographer Then we managed to talk the driver into stopping momentarily for this “post card” shot. Key West Destination Wedding Our last stop of course was at the Westin for an ultra fast shot in front of the cruise ship before I waved all of my new friends bon voyage.Key West Wedding All in all it was an absolutely perfect day!!!

Congratulations Christi and Jason!! I hope you have a very long and happy life together!!!  


Vendor List;

Photography: Mary Veal Photography

Venue: Key West Harbor Yacht Club

Hair and Makeup: Studio Marie Pierre

Music: Brian Roberts

Cake: Cakes by Karol

Officiant: Steve Torrence

Catering: Jack's at Key West Harbor Yacht Club

Cinematography: Cine Verde

Flowers: Boquets custom made by her bride's maid Deb Valis

Bride's gown: Custom made

Bride's maids gowns: Victoria Secret

Groom and Groomsmen's suits: Perry Ellis

]]> (Key West Wedding Photographer I Mary Veal Photography) Destination Wedding Photographer Destination Wedding Photography Key West Harbor Yacht Club Key West Harbor Yacht Club wedding Key West Photographers Key West photographer Mon, 30 Jul 2012 14:12:52 GMT
Destination Wedding Contest WINNER announcement! I'm happy to announce that we have a winner for the destination wedding photography contest I hosted last month. Thank you to the 7 couples that entered and my apologies to the 3 of you who's dates I'm unavailable for. After a long and heated debate with several of my peers and a consult with my attorney I've decided to forgo public voting and choose the winner myself. There was only 1 couple that followed all of the rules and included everything I asked for. One entry wasn't even for a destination wedding but I've got to give them credit for trying. Yes, I am giving it away, free, but that doesn't discount the huge commitment of both time and expense that I'll be investing in my winner. I wanted the winning couple to be people who would truly value the prize I was offering. The way I look at it, if you aren't to be bothered to tell me your story, share details about what you're planning, include a picture and tell me why you think you should win then I'm less likely to believe you'll appreciate the considerable energy, time and commitment I will be giving you. In the words of Lara at Photo Mint; My commitment when I book a date isn't "I’ll shoot your wedding as long as nothing better comes along” It’s a “I’ll shoot your wedding even if my mom’s in a coma in the hospital” commitment. I don't mean to harp on the subject but seriously, do you only half fill out a job application and fully expect to be called back? No, me neither. That said, there was one couple that stood out to me in sincerity and originality, oh, and yes, they put in the energy to fully enter the contest. So without further ado........... The winners are…………………….... Drum roll please...................

Chris Hagen and Amandalyn Jones of Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     They are having their destination wedding in Charleston, South Carolina.    Destination Wedding photography contest winners


This was Chris’s, yes, Chris’s, submission:  (It's been edited down a little bit because Chris really put his heart out there and after speaking with him he felt like if I published the entire submission he'd be left feeling as if he was standing naked in Times Square. Well, I certainly don't want to punish someone for being honest and putting it all on the line or discourage others from doing it too so this is the official public version.)

Hi Mary,
I saw your destination wedding contest and wanted to enter it - if we were somehow lucky enough to win, my fiancee would be so surprised and absolutely thrilled! Here are all of our details and background on us and our wedding; please let me know if I am missing anything. Apologies if this is too long - it's just something I'm so excited about that I could go on and on... Thanks so much!

Date: November 16, 2013

Location: Charleston, SC
Venue: Hibernian Hall, downtown
Church: Cathedral, downtown
We want the wedding to be relaxed and fun, but didn't want to have a "theme" per se. We just want it to be very Charleston, which is one of our favorite places and somewhere that we want to share with all of our friends and family. More than just a wedding, we want it to be a memorable vacation/experience for everyone who comes, especially those who haven't been to Charleston before.
We're from very different parts of the country, and met completely by chance through a mutual friend in New York while I was starting a training program for a new job. The rest, as they say, is history. Despite the fact that I literally got on a plane the next day to go to Australia for more training, we stayed in pretty much constant contact from that point on - talking on the phone, writing each other letters, and finding plenty of excuses to visit each other's respective home cities. She eventually moved to Chicago, where I had been living, and we've been here for the past ~2 years.
For several reasons (we're from completely different places, our families are scattered across the country, and we live in a different city than either of us grew up in), having a "destination wedding" just made sense, and we decided Charleston was the perfect place. She went to college there and fell in love with it, and through visiting it with her I have come to love it just as much as she does. We also got engaged there. Charleston is a very cool and unique city - it has tons of history, great bars/restaurants and shopping, has a very cool look and feel to it which is equal parts cosmopolitan southern city and beach town, and is incredibly laid back. It's also very walkable - in short, it's a great place to visit.
We're still a ways out from the actual wedding, but have locked down the location and have a pretty good idea of what we want it to end up looking like. The venue is a beautiful old Southern mansion in the heart of downtown, which also happens to be a National Historic Landmark. Although it's early in the planning process, we'd like to have plenty of southern touches - bow ties, drinks served in mason jars, local food, etc. We want it to be fun, and hopefully a bit unique, especially for our non-southern friends and family - we just want everyone to have a great time.
I think we should win first and foremost because my fiancee is amazing, and deserves a perfect wedding. More generally, we just want to give everyone a fun party but also a new and unique experience - most people who come to the wedding will never have been to Charleston before, and we think it's a place everyone should see and experience once in their life. We're not going for the stereotypical excuse-to-take-an-extended-weekend-trip-to-a-tropical-paradise destination wedding (nothing against those of course, just not what we're going for!), and it will hopefully be a more unique experience for everyone because of it.


Now wasn’t that one of the sweetest things you've ever read?  My goodness guys, I can’t tell you how happy and excited I am for the two of you! Congratulations on both your engagement and winning the contest!!  I’m honored to be your wedding photographer and look forward to telling your wedding story with visual artistry!   :)               Now go book that live band! 


Can't visualize it? Its ok, here's some pretty pictures Amandalyn has pinned over on  I'm not showing you any of the pictures of gowns she has up because I don't want to ruin the surprise.  You'll see it next November! Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Image by Mario Testino via Vogue Wedding cake for destination wedding Destination Wedding custom drink ideas Photo by Charles Walton IV

The first 3 photos are by Mario Testino via Vogue. I couldn't find a photo credit for the hair piece but you can find it on Etsy in a shop owned by Amanda Judge called Untamed Petals. The first drink photo had no photo credit and the last one, the drink shot, is by Charles Walton IV. Although I'd love to claim these beautiful images as my own work, they are not and I'm a stickler for giving credit where credit is due. :D 

Comments, ideas, suggestions??????   Don't be shy, congratulate this obviously oh so in love couple! 


PS- There were 92 likes on the blog post that held the contest information. One of you is the reason Chris heard about the contest and that means one of you won the contest within the contest!  So, if it was you, please step forward!  (We'll verify you're his friend or a friend of a friend and then the prize is yours! 

PPS- Thank you to everyone who "liked" and or "shared" the information on the contest!  Stay tuned, I've got more in the works!!!  :D



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Destination Wedding Photography Contest Destination Wedding Photography for free


It’s contest time!!!      Want to have your wedding photographed by Mary Veal Photography?  Here's one better...

How about it but now its virtually free?   Alrighty then, here’s your chance!

 I’m looking for a unique, romantic, vintage, chic, charming, glamorous, crazy or outrageous destination wedding to give away my services at. Any and all couples planning a destination wedding (anywhere in the world) are encouraged to enter.  The more details you have planned, the better, but there is no preset theme that I’m looking for, just show me your originality and how you plan to incorporate it into your big day.Key West photography wedding


What you’ll Win {$5,800 value}:

All Day wedding coverage by 2 stellar photographers

Rehearsal coverage

One more session; either Engagement or Day After/Trash the Dress

Online gallery to share with family and friends

20x24 Giclee canvas gallery wrap {your choice of image}

DVD of images {high resolution & edited}


How to enter:

E-mail me at: or contact me through my website or blog and include the following:

*Name and contact info for both the bride and groom

*Wedding Date, Location and Theme {inspiration}

*Back story of your relationship {how you met, fell in love and got engaged as well as any fun tidbits you'd like to include}.

*Wedding website and/or description of the special elements you are planning for your wedding. The more original the better!

*Picture of the couple together {does not have to be professional}

*In your own words; tell us why YOU should win

* “Like” Mary Veal Photography on Facebook  www.facebook/maryvealphotography


Fine Print:

Destination wedding ~ ceremony and reception must take place more than 100 miles from the winner’s home OR (as not exclude my local audience), within the Florida Keys. Destination can be anywhere in the world.  Mountaintop, beach, church, garden, field, barn, mansion, ruins…anywhere!

 Winner agrees to pay airfare for 2 photographers from Miami and hotel of 4 to 5 nights (Photographers will share 1 room).  Food and incidentals will be covered by the photographers. If the wedding is planned in Key West, no airfare or hotel is needed. If outside of Key West but within the Florida Keys, hotel will need to be provided.

No part of the prize can be redeemed for cash

Photographer (Mary Veal) must be available on your wedding date

Wedding must take place in 2012 or 2013

Submissions will be accepted from 6/13/12 until 07/01/12 at midnight. 

Submissions will be narrowed down to the top 5 then you, the public, will decide who wins through voting on Facebook from 07/03/12 until 07/14/12. Winner will be notified on 07/16/12 by phone and e-mail before being made public on Facebook.


~Contest within a contest; refer the winning couple and you will win a portrait session for yourself. {$400.00 value}   “Share” this link on your facebook page to get it started!


Ready? Set? GO!!!!

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A Key West awards ceremony April was a whirlwind month for me between weddings, engagements and commercial shoots I stayed so busy there were times when I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going. Made it through though and quite happy to be here again writing about my most recent assignments. I know, I know, this is the end of May but the blog tends to take a back seat to all of my other duties not just as a photographer but a business owner too. I have, however, some fun topics I'm working on now and will begin doing this at least bi-weekly from now on. Thanks for your patience and for your interest in my latest endeavors!

For this post, I’d like to single out a corporate event, an annual awards ceremony, for a new corporate client of mine; revol wireless. Yes, it IS all lower case.   Check them out at: www.revol.comKey West corporate photography

Although my official specialty is wedding photography, Corporate assignments are always a welcome challenge. Really, if you think about it, photographing an award ceremony is alot like shooting a wedding. There are the "Stars" of the event, crucial moments, documenting the feel of the celebration and telling its story. The biggest difference is with weddings there are really only two "stars" whereas here, at revol wireless's annual company awards ceremony we have 15.

I’m always impressed with companies that truly value their employees and revol wireless is positively a class act!

Every year they fly the top 15 employees and their spouses to a resort destination for a few days of rest and relaxation and host a beautiful awards ceremony in celebration of each award recipient’s hard work and outstanding accomplishments. This company not only recognizes its top sales people, but the top performers within each job category too. Now that’s really valuing the entire team! It’s refreshing to see companies giving back to their employees rather than the corporate messes we see in the news all too often.Key West corporate event photographer

This year the ceremony was hosted at the Westin Resort in Key West, Florida. Beautiful warm, sunny weather was enjoyed by all for most of the week, however, on the day of the awards ceremony Key West experienced a torrential rainstorm lasting all day and into the evening. Initially, the event was to be held outside on the upper deck overlooking the pool in one direction and the harbor with Sunset Island in the other direction. Mother Nature with her wacky sense of humor had other plans. It’s a good thing Lisa and Scott from BTC were there to make sure the event wasn’t ruined! They had a well thought out backup plan, moved everything to a meeting room inside and arranged a set up that ensured a perfect flow for the dinner as well as the awards ceremony. Sorry, no pictures of either of them per their request. ;)  I completely understand guys, I’m not the biggest fan of having my picture taken while I’m working either.  

Delicious food, free flowing cocktails, engaging conversation, close camaraderie and honorable awards all combined to give this celebration its festive mood. Congratulations to all of the winners, your hard work really did pay off!Event photographer Florida Keys   

BTC and revol wireless, THANK YOU for choosing me as your event photographer!  I hope to see you again at next year’s awards ceremony (wherever it may be)!

]]> (Key West Wedding Photographer I Mary Veal Photography) Key West corporate photography Thu, 31 May 2012 22:05:15 GMT
Allison and Eric's Key West Wedding  Welcome back! Thanks for being patient. I've never really been a diligent writer so I'm finding myself putting it off more and more and now I have so much to share I'm almost not sure where to start. So, how about I begin with my most recent wedding? Allison and Eric's...

Allison and Eric Irwin were married in an intimate ceremony on Smather's Beach in Key West on 4-11-12. A beautiful Wednesday, idyllic of the perfect weather we experience here in April. Blue skies, nice breezes, warm, clear’s what the locals call "Chamber of Commerce" weather because THIS is the weather that everyone dreams of when they think of vacation in paradise. It couldn't have happened for a nicer couple either. These two are both absolute sweethearts!

After their ceremony we headed over to the Casa Marina Resort for a few photos in the warm sunset light before they shared an intimate dinner with their immediate family out on the pier there. They are planning a big reception for all of their friends and family when they return home to Kansas.Florida Keys Wedding Photographer

Initially, when I began putting this post together, I thought I might start by telling you my interpretation of their day, but, instead, I'm going to let the pictures tell you my side (since that's really my job, right?) and let Allison share their sweet love story in her own words. :)Wedding Photographer in Key West


"Eric was in the same class as my oldest brother, a few year older than me, and the first time we can remember meeting was when they were motocross racing together...years and years ago. We are from a very small town where everyone knows everyone else so, we had known each other for quite a while. We had been seeing each other off and on for the last few years but we both knew way back then that we loved each other. We started talking again and hung out June 4th of last year and have been pretty much inseparable since then. Eric is such an amazing man; it was easy to fall in love with him! We started talking about getting married and while on our way to a concert on August 19th we stopped at the mall and picked out our rings! Eric formally proposed to me on September 5th! We've been together (this time) for 10 months and were engaged for 7 months. We are so very happy and excited to be spending the rest of our lives together and can't wait to see what the rest of our years will bring."Key West photographer Mary Veal

Well, Allison and Eric, you guys are adorable together and its obvious to anyone around you that you two truly love and adore each other. I wish you a long and happy life together! Thank you for letting me share in your special day, it was truly an honor and a pleasure!Destination Wedding Photographer Florida Keys


Allison and Eric knew they wanted a destination wedding but weren't initially sure where they wanted to have it. They talked about a few different locales but after speaking with some friends who live in Key Largo, doing some research and looking at photos from weddings here, they decided to have their wedding in Key West.Photographer Key West



So, what do you think? Want to see more photos from their wedding? I've uploaded about a hundred of my favorites to the client gallery and Allison has graciously allowed me to keep it open so everyone can see! Click the link, then click on their gallery; Oh, and don't be shy...leave a comment. I LOVE feedback!!!

]]> (Key West Wedding Photographer I Mary Veal Photography) Wed, 11 Apr 2012 15:37:00 GMT
Welcome! My first blog post ever! Destination Wedding Photographer in Key West Hello and welcome to my new blog!  This is my first official post and I'm soooo excited to be able to share with you the wonderful experiences I've captured on film. Ok, so I use digital film, but still its captured images, with all of their beauty, emotions and experiences frozen in time and stored on a file nonetheless.  Oh, yeah, *warning*...I ramble... :)  So, let me brief you on where I am today, 3/15/12...

 Although I've been shooting for the past 10 years, this is only my second official year as a full fledged Professional Destination Wedding Photographer.  This past year, I had the honor and pleasure of capturing 47 weddings here in the Florida Keys and throughout south Florida. In light of my recent sucesses I've joined the Professional Photographers of America, (PPA) and aquired equiptment and liability insurance, all making this business venture/love affair I've embarked upon even more legitimate.  Now, because I've been so lucky to have had so many wonderful and generous couples as clients, Wedding Wire has awarded Mary Veal Photography with its Bride's Choice Award for 2012! Let me see if I can attach the "badge"...    I'm pretty proud of it if you can't already tell. *blushing*

Weddings, Wedding Venues
2012 Bride's Choice Awards | Best Wedding Photographers, Wedding Dresses, Wedding Cakes, Wedding Florists, Wedding Planners


This year, my professional goals include networking better and getting published. I need to get aquainted with other vendors so when brides ask me for recommendations I'll be able to point them in the right direction. I also want my clients to get some recognition for all of their hard work in planning the perfect celebration, so, I'm going to personally submit my 2012 couples to all of the publications I can!  Its on record so I better get the ball rolling!  

Now, its time to quit rambling and post this to see what its like! You can't have a photography blog without posting pictures either so, here is a picture that is one of my favorites from a recent wedding. This is Hope and Matthew Haverty who were married in a small ceremony on Smathers Beach in Key West on 2-3-12.  I particularly like this because they both were so very serious and nervous but eventually warmed up enough to be playful with one another and I hope this captures the essence of their love....

passionate, intense and playful.

There is no way I can end this with just one picture. Here are some more from their wedding. Enjoy!Key West wedding photographers

Wedding photography Key West, photographers Key West, beach photography

]]> (Key West Wedding Photographer I Mary Veal Photography) Destination wedding photographers Destination wedding photography Key West wedding Key West wedding photographers Key West wedding photography Thu, 15 Mar 2012 21:58:34 GMT